Map Your  Strengths as a Trader

“Most people think they what they are good at. They are actually wrong… And yet, a person can perform only from strength.”

Peter Drucker

I am challenging you – regardless of how much experience you have in trading (being a professional, an intermediate or just a beginner ) – to stop for few minutes and reflect on your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as a trader.

SWOT Analysis for Forex trader
SWOT Analysis for Forex trader

The purpose of this mind map is to help you know yourself, make you aware of what are your strengths so you can use them when planning your trading strategies.

Don’t forget about weaknesses – work on them, challenge yourself !  Are you lacking self discipline? Do you need to work on your risk and money management?

Whatever it is, keep it on your list of improvements and try to work on it every day.

Opportunities are there for you to start exploring and widen your horizon. Markets are changing all the time so be on the look-out – find the next set-up that will be profitable, learn a new strategy or explore the social trading networks.